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ACENTO ESPAÑOL was born in 1998 as a school of Spanish for foreigners located in the heart of Madrid. Hundreds of students from all places of the world passed through our Center for more than 15 years. Recognized professionals ELE (some of them currently working at Cervantes Institutes and Official Schools of Languages) have taught Spanish language at Acento Español and also were given training courses for teachers.

Our classrooms have been the "cradle" of methods to learn Spanish that the EDITORIAL ACENTO ESPAÑOL has been publishing over the last years. They are, therefore, some manuals endorsed by a long history in the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and Spanish as a second language.

M.ª Nieves Enríquez Domínguez

Its Director and co-founder of the School, M.ª Nieves Enríquez Domínguez, is also the author of "Sueños de Colores" A1 method carried out in collaboration with the Asociación ADIIN.

Our Books

The authors

Nazaret Puente Girón

She worked as a Spanish teacher at Acento Español for 2 years and currently carries out its teaching work in the Centre International House of Madrid.

Diana Rojo Martín

After passing through our School, she has dedicated to the teaching of Spanish to foreigners in the United States. Combining his teaching and publishing work with activities in other areas of the cultural field.

Mónica García-Viñó Sánchez

Teacher for several years at the Cervantes Institute in El Cairo. Practiced his teaching over four years in our School, Acento Español in Madrid, and currently she works at the Cervantes Institute in Rabat.

Mª Ángeles Ortiz Gómez

She was a teacher for more than five years in Acento Español Spanish school and now she is working at the Cervantes Institute in Casablanca.

Our daily experience as teachers together with a constant feedback of our students has enabled us to achieve a truly effective learning method!

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