“SUEÑOS DE COLORES” is a method of Spanish as a second language learning and language teaching youth and adults especially recommended in multilingual and multicultural contexts.

Elaborated with the collaboration of the Asociación ADIIN.

Our method “SUEÑOS DE COLORES”, basic level, is part of a communicative approach to teaching, which considers the students as the true protagonists of the learning process and facilitates their autonomy to take them to become a full members of society.

“SUEÑOS DE COLORES” is a close, current, method with entertaining proposals that promote the participation and interest of all students in the development of the class.

It presents a wide range of activities to make more attractive the dynamics of ELE class. The practice of these communicative activities that the student performs will allow them to communicate in Spanish in situations of everyday life in the proper way.

Its format is very attractive, full color with a multitude of images that serve as visual support and facilitate the understanding of the student.

The material corresponds with the A1 level established by The Common European Framework of References for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment.

“SUEÑOS DE COLORES” level A1 Manual covers about 80 hours of class.


It consists of 10 units complemented by a CD AUDIO.

Each unit has integrated a series of interrelated components: functions, grammar, vocabulary and cultural knowledge required to perform the speech act.

Our method encourages the use of the language in authentic communicative situations and gives students of resources so that they perform tasks that put them in contact with everyday life. The proposed activities are close to reality and are perfectly sequenced.

As well as the linguistic content, we have taken into account the social, emotional, cultural, social, psychological elements involved in the learning process. The task of each teacher is to adapt this method and move closer to the needs of students in order to satisfy their expectations.

It’s a Manual handy for the classroom, versatile, and easy to carry to class.

The large number of illustrations and photos make it a very attractive and customizable book for a multitude of contexts and situations.

An CD AUDIO that accompanies the Student’s Book, with dialogues, pronunciation exercises, discrimination of sounds, songs, interviews, etc.

ISBN: 978-84-941833-6-2
Price: 28,00 euros. Taxes included

Download sample units in PDF format:

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The Workbook consists of 10 units, and it’s a book of activities complementary to the Student’s Book that the student can practice and reinforce all the contents seen in the classroom.

Also can be used as independent material, since it contains the key to solutions of all the grammatical exercises.

ISBN: 978-84-941833-9-3
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Download sample units in PDF format:

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The teaching Guide for the teacher develops in detail explanations of the Student’s Book activities and provides numerous suggestions for teachers, both group dynamics and classroom management. It is a comprehensive Guide that provides the teacher their work in the classroom effectively.

It targets both teachers entering the profession as to those with extensive experience in teaching.

Teachers will find in this Guide:

  • Methodological aspects: objectives, proposals to encourage the presentation of activities, description of how take them to the classroom.
  • Suggestions for the implementation of the Student’s Book activities.
  • Recommended activities and ideas to the class.
  • Transcripts of the Student’s Book AUDIOS.
  • Grammatical explanations.
  • Solutions of some activities from Student Book.
  • Indications of the moments suitable for the use of the Workbook activities.
  • Teaching sheets to color for use in the classroom: memory, dominos, games, real documents, images for the presentation of language and vocabulary, etc.

ISBN: 978-84-941833-8-6
Price: 28,00 euros. Taxes included

Download sample units in PDF format:

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Interactive Digital Media

It is a new interactive and projectable format. It works with or without a digital whiteboard: You can also use this material with a computer and a projector, and operate it using the computer and the keyboard.

It contains all the activities so that they can be done in class, with their solutions; the Student’s book audios with its transcripts; videos, photocopiable sheets, etc.

It is a very useful material for the teachers, since it allows them to work with the projection of the Student’s book and the Workbook on the whiteboard, so that it becomes a visual reference and a shared work space in the classroom.

ISBN: 978-84-947390-7-1
Price: 160,00 euros. Taxes included



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