ACENTO ESPAĂ‘OL intermediate level (NEW EDITION) is a very practical method initially developed at our Spanish for foreigners language school, ACENTO ESPAĂ‘OL Madrid, based on ELE teaching courses and training programmes for teachers of Spanish as a foreign language.

This method stems from teaching practice in the classroom. It is the final version of units that have been adapted, fine-tuned and improved after having been used in practice with numerous students and by many teachers over several years. It has therefore been proven to be effective. It is a manual developed in the classroom for the classroom.

NEW ACENTO ESPAĂ‘OL B1 is based on an action-oriented communicative approach: the units focus on the communicational needs students may have in everyday situations so that they are able to effectively handle them. It is a student-centred method.

All subjects are aided with equalling motivating illustrations that support and enhance students’ integration in and connection with their learning process.

This material corresponds to the B1 level established by The Common European Framework of References for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment and conforms to the contents proposed in the Curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes. Reference levels for the Spanish to these levels.

ACENTO ESPAĂ‘OL B1 covers about 120 hours of class.


The Student’s Book consists of 12 units comprised of communicational, grammatical and lexical content, as well as cultural and intercultural content and a final task.

Each unit revolves around a subject or area of interest, which gives students the opportunity to use the target language in a meaningful context by providing them with a suitable contextual framework to work on the vocabulary, functions and structures learned in real-life situations with fully communicational activities related to the unit’s core subject.

The activities in each unit are designed to lead up to a final task in which students use everything they have learned.

The activities are varied in terms of type, student grouping, etc. and are used to work on the various components of the language, thus satisfying different tastes and learning styles.

Each unit ends with a section entitled “Un poco de todo” in which texts are used to introduce socio-cultural subjects related to the unit’s area of interest which are then discussed in the classroom.

Although there is obviously a common style in all the units, we have tried not to follow a fixed pattern that is repeated over and over in order to prevent students from becoming bored by a predictable format. Nevertheless, all of them include a very meticulous teaching sequence.

The method is completed with the Listening CD that comes with the Student’s Book which consists of dialogues, interviews, discussions, songs, etc. and is essential for suitably assimilating the new language.

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Download sample units in PDF format:

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Parallel book with activities that can be used as homework or to reinforce the activities in the Student’s Book, should the teacher thinks it is necessary (the Teacher’s Guide indicates the exact moment when these activities could be used).

At the end of each unit in the Workbook, there are a number of activities designed to become part of the Student’s Portfolio. The solutions are also provided so that students can correct their own work.

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Download sample units in PDF format:

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A TEACHING GUIDE which explains in detail how to conduct the activities in the Student’s Book and includes ideas and recommended activities with SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIAL, thus making it a resource book.

The GUIDE has suggestions on how to introduce and work on each activity and also indicates which activities in the Workbook supplement it.

The GUIDE also includes suggested alternatives to certain activities which, because of the cultural context of the countries of origin of our students, should be adapted or simply replaced with other activities.

Moreover, it provides the transcripts for the listening exercises in the Student’s Book, solutions to some exercises and ideas for optional activities, in addition to full colour Supplementary Material in the appendix to conduct classroom dynamics: memory, find someone who…, dominoes, snakes and ladders, games, etc.

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Supplementary materials

We offer extra activities complementary material for download online in PDF format:

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Tema 5 – Sospechosos

Tema 6 – La familia es lo que importa

Tema 7 – ¡Vaya dĂ­a!

Tema 9 – Yo quiero lo mejor para ti

Tema 10 – ¡CĂłmo eres!

Tema 11 – Costumbres



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