ACENTO ESPAÑOL, Basic level (A1 + A2) is a material used to teach Spanish to foreigners based on an action-oriented communicative approach. The aim of this course is for students to be able to develop independently in their learning process.

ACENTO ESPAÑOL works with entertaining and participative activities that allow students to develop the communicational skills and multicultural competence of language learning.

It’s a method with innovative and original approaches that reflects the needs of ELE teachers to fill their classes with increased dynamism and fresh contents.

All subjects are aided with equalling motivating images and illustrations that support and enhance students’ integration in and connection with their learning process.

This material corresponds to the levels A1 and A2 established by The Common European Framework of References for Languages: Learning, Teaching, Assessment and conforms to the contents proposed in the Curriculum of the Instituto Cervantes. Reference levels for the Spanish to these levels.

ACENTO ESPAÑOL A1 + A2 covers about 160 hours of class.


Contains 17 teaching units structured in blocks featuring dynamic, contemporary activities allowing students to practice different communication skills while also developing their knowledge in a participative and entertaining manner.

In the “¡A la tarea!” section at the end of each unit, teachers can encourage students to comprehensively and independently practice everything they have learned in the unit by completing the proposed task.

Each unit includes sections titled “Fíjate (y completa)” so that students reflect on the grammar and language required in certain presentations or activities, and they are occasionally complemented with exercises to help their understanding.

These units are accompanied by an “Apéndice gramatical” that reviews all the grammatical, functional and lexical contents studied by the students.

Also included is the “Mi Portfolio” appendix, a document promoted by the Council of Europe that helps students reflect upon their learning of Spanish.

The method is supplemented with a CD audio. The CD contains recordings with the content of the various units. It also includes the songs from the Student’s Book used for teaching purposes.

ISBN: 978-84-934500-3-8
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Download sample units in PDF format:

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A book with fun and helpful activities so that students can practice and reinforce everything seen in the classroom.

The Workbook includes the solutions to all the activities, thus giving students the option to correct their own work.

ISBN: 978-84-934500-4-5
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Download sample units in PDF format:

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A highly-developed guide featuring explanations of the activities and suggestions for teachers relating to exercises and to classroom management designed to facilitate their work.

It is aimed at teaches who are new to the profession and at those with extensive teaching experience.

In this guide, teachers will find:

  • Warm-up exercises to stimulate the class.
  • Contextualizations of the activities to motivate students with the subjects they are going to work on and to introduce them in a fun and coherent way. Includes the comments about the “¡A la Tarea!” section and the linguistic explanations relating to the “Fíjate” section.
  • Recommendations for the instructions: what and how to “pre-teach”.
  • Recommended and optional or alternative activities so that teachers can choose based on the group of students.
  • Suggestions for correcting and supervising activities.
  • Proposals to reinforcing learning with activities in the Workbook.
  • Photocopiable sheets with additional activities for each unit.
  • Transcripts of the listening exercises in the Student’s Book.

ISBN: 978-84-934500-5-2
Price: 21,00 euros. Taxes included



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